Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of the Maybelline Super stay Better Skin Challenge!

Hi Ya! Look here! I was selected to take the 3 week Better Skin Challenge. I was excited and delighted to only notice the color chosen was very light and was not my color. Although the color "Warm Honey" was way to light for me,I went out to tried to buy my correct color to join the Rave party to only be let down again. My color that I needed was gone (sold out) :( aw man. So to write a review I still played around with what I had not only to mention I said to myself,MAN this stuff must be good because it's gone. I was not able to use it over my entire face but I was able to use it under my eyes. I love the texture of the makeup,it's not very hard,it has a light but solid fill while I applied it and it does not have a loud smell. I have some darkness under my eyes so I will continue to use a dap here and there so it can correct that area for me! So after all it works for something. Now I am hoping I can pick up the correct color to try my entire face! I can't wait to try it! So I can't give a full review on the actual benefits of the foundation just yet but I will definitely follow up.

Thanks so much Influenster as I received this product complimentary of you for testing purposes only!

Reviews are my own.

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