Skin Care

Healthy glowing Skin requires ongoing proper care.

The Skin has Six basic functions.

1.Sensation- Your reaction to your nerves

2. Hydration- Skin contains water to keep itself Supple

3.Absorption- for water and oxygen to pass through tissues

4.Regulation-Skin maintain body temperature

5.Protection- shields your body from direct impact of heat/cold weather

6.Excretion-eliminates waste such as salt,sweat,etc

There are two types of Dry Skin.

1.Oil Dry( lacks moisture) and 2.Moisture Dry ( lacks water).

Dry skin has fewer blemishes
Dry skin can be caused by certain factors such as diet, hormones & sebaceous glands.

To keep your skin it good condition you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

A good treatment program is essential for dry skin so your skin can get the moisture it needs.

Oily Skin usually have a overall shiny look and or a rough texture with black heads and large pores.

(Improper cleansing, hormonal balance, nervous problems,poor diet and humid weather)

Oily Skin must be kept  at a Acid-balance condition (such as pH 4.5 to 5.5) -Hair Should be the same PH as skin,although that is very hard to do considering all of the hair care products one uses.

Keeping Skin in Good Condition Requires

Cleansing with a product that will not rob the face of it's natural oils,Try using all natural products.

Toning- Use a Toner for the face such as astringents( Also called Tonic lotions)

Moisturize- to make up for unavoidable losses.

Your Skin should be cleansed daily.

You can also visit your local Massage parlor or beauty parlor and get yourself facials as it stimulates and circulates, do it often or as part of your beauty visits.

You can also do this yourself at home with facial masks.

DIY Facial Masks
Clay Packs- are used on normal to oily Skin types

Cream Masks- are for normal to Dry Skin

Siccative Masks - for oily Skin, are drying masks, they are made from a mineral powder base such as clay,sand,zinc oxide, or mud. It is good for acne prone skin

Paraffin Wax- (warm wax)- it is good for hyrdrating the skin, coat your skin with warm layers. (good for wrinkles and dry skin)

Don't forget about your big facial appliances such as Facial Steamers, etc.

Normal Skin is pretty beautiful Skin.

There is a such thing as a combination of skin types, which may contain all of the above except normal.

Eczema- Dry or moist lesions with inflammations of the skin and requires medical attention.

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