Monday, August 20, 2012

Removing a Dark Colored Dye From Your Hair

Have you ever wanted to go jet black or to a darkest brown.
Then,after a while you saw these beautiful highlights in someone else's hair and you said okay,I want to go back to me some lightener.

Your stylist,friend or co-worker said your hair is too dark and you just put your most recent hair color in,so you can't do it.

You say yup,you are right. My hair will probably turn orange if you want to go blonde. If you wanted to do a red maybe you'd be just fine.

Well here is a solution to remove that dark color.

I'm not sure if this ever worked whenever I put a permanent black dye on my hair,but I do know whenever I did a jet black rinse this worked.

I was like why are my color coming out so much and I just put it in!

After a while I started to notice that I could not do a hot oil treatment if I were going to add any temporary or permanent color to my hair or ,much of it would rinse right off.

The solution to removing dark color dye from your hair is a hot oil treatment!

Yes. A hot oil treatment somehow penetrates your strands and the oil strips the color right off your hair taking it right back to your original hair color.

After this procedure,I'd wait about a week. Then go ahead and get me some highlights.


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  2. @rokon Thanks so much for your comment! I love writing about hair.
    Thanks for stopping by! more soon!