Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shampoos! What's Your Type

 What type of Shampoo should You use for your hair?

You need to use the type of Shampoo or conditioner for what you are trying to correct when it comes to your hair.

Here we go.

All purpose shampoo's-  this kind of shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair without any special corrections and conditioning. They will not strip your color in your hair and are very mild.

Acid- balanced shampoo's- Shampoos considered in this nature is idea to me because it's formulated to have the same pH as your hair and skin (4.5-5.5) & can be used on all types of hair although they are made to cleanse chemically treated hair without removing or stripping your hair of it's color.

Plain Shampoos, many of us know these kinds huh? Yeah they are the shampoos that you just run in the grocery store or the dollar store to get. These shampoos are strong and contains a soap base. They can be used on virgin hair or hair that's in mighty good condition but are not recommended for chemically treated hair. When using this type of shampoo make sure to was your hair again with a acid  balanced shampoo to restore the pH of your hair and skin.

Have everyone ever heard of Soapless Shampoos? it lathers without harsh ingredients and may be good for those who are elderly and can't get out of bed

Medicated Shampoos, are another one of my personal favorites.Medicated Shampoos can correct a lot of problems and can be found in your local pharmacies!!! They make them for dandruff's & other scalp disorders too.

We all may need this next one from time to time. Clarifying Shampoos it removes build up and residue such as dirt build up from your hair. I remember going to the Salon many times and it smelled so good.

I use to get up dos a lot so the hair spray? Um huh, that clarifying shampoo helped me a lot.

Shampoos for thinning hair!! Supposedly these are gentle shampoos with lightweight molecular  that does not damage or weigh the your hair down.

Okay that's a wrap. I may do Conditioners and rinses next as there are a lot of hair items out there but are you using the correct ones for your hair.

If you don't have any problems to correct you are good to go.

My hair is one of the most important priorities on my body and I make sure that it stays healthy!

When you hair looks good, you just feel good!

I hope you have enjoyed my knowledge, Follow my Blogs Please & Thanks to all of you readers as I have over almost 3,000 readers and only 4 followers :(!!!

Now will you go in your beauty Supply and ask them for the product that fits your hair type:)

Until Next time, However I did not list all types of Shampoos so if you would want me to discuss one I left out just leave me a comment.

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