Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do You Need a Relaxer or a Perm?

Growing up it was always, I need a perm. Do I really want to make my hair curly or straight?
Straight, so I do not need a perm I would need a relaxer for that.

One thing that you need to know.

A Perm is different from a Relaxer.

Either of them are characterized as chemicals in my terms.

Here's the difference.

Perming is the desire for curly or wavy hair which involves  rolling your hair around rollers or rods, & then Following the desired  steps to apply the solution.

Relaxing is the desire for  making roots straight. This involves applying the relaxer to your hair, rinsing it and applying neutralizer.

You can Say my hair needs to be relaxed and if you want a change and want your hair curly you can say I need a Perm.

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