Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair Breakage & Hair Care

I'll list the questions that will raise your flag, then I'll list Products that can help so don't worry, I will help you get this taken care of.

Are you using Heat Products such as Flat irons, curling irons, Hot blowdryers such as High Heat on your hair. If so make sure you use any Thermal Protectants & don't forget about your daughters. They protect your hair from heat damage.

Recommended Products.

Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray

Silk Elements Silken Child Thermal Protection Spray

Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray

Traction: Are you pulling and or brushing and handling your hair hard, such as putting it up in a tight pony tail, close bobbie pins, spraying spritz & then combing it out.
All of this can cause your hair to break .You never want to pull your hair in any hurting manner, and you also don't want to make your hair stretch any further that it shouldn't go, This cause excessive traction around the hair line or your hairline in the front or back or your head. It can leave bald spots or short hair around the nape of your head.

You can Start using Anti- Breakage Conditioners, Lotions and Or Shampoos leaving it on for about 5 mins or Following the manufacturers directions will make your hair strong again, Use it everytime you wash your hair. Also Try using thickening agents for maxium hair growth.

BIOSILK Farouk Systems USA Silk Therapy Thickening Conditioner 11.6oz/300ml

Motions Anti Breakage Hair Lotion

Do you wear Body Wraps? Roller Sets Wraps, Ect & Whatever, If you wrap your hair around your head at night to sleep

Do you have to wrap your hair when you go to sleep at night?
If so don't you know that your hair isn't getting air to breathe, it also causes breakage around your hair line.
You should use wrapping scarfs that contains built in moisturizers. Head Scarfs should be satin.

CRISTINA Magic Satin Wrapping Scarf Built In Moisturizing Conditioners (Model:1210)

Other Helpful Products and Sources
For Dry, Color Treated Hair, Adds Moisture to your hair, & Shine.
Hydrating Conditioner

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