Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Henna Safe For Your Hair?

I wanted to write about henna for the hair, and I'm just getting around to it!

In school I was taught that henna for the hair is bad and it's even listed in my Cosmetology book!

The reason why is because some items that you purchase from the beauty supply that says it's real henna is not real henna! Fake henna contains metallic dyes which will not mix well with regular hair care products such as relaxers and you must tell your stylist that you have henna in your hair if you use a boxed henna.

Why because there is a test that they can do to see if you hair contains metallic.
Once the test is performed and if it puts off a bad odor during the test then your hair contains the metallic dye.

So is henna safe for your hair? You bet it is! Just make sure you are using real henna!

As I searched the web I noticed that they are tons of questions about henna for the hair.

Do henna come in different colors? ugh No! Henna only comes in one color..

And that color is red-orange! Does it come in blonde-heck no if so it's fake, brown-no and any other colors. Visit Henna For Hair which is a good site I found that was straight to the point.

According to this site I ran upon after seeing it appear as the first link in the Google results, it gives perfect straight to the point information about Henna!

So the benefits you can get from using henna in your supposedly makes your hair thick, silky, it also has been categorized as being a good conditioner for your hair, and it also makes your hair shiny and healthy!

Whao What some good Stuff that is!
But I'm scared to even touch it!

For more information about Henna for your hair just head on over and read all of these facts about Henna for your Hair here

Some people have said that they had luck with the boxed hennas, I'm not sure just be safe and make sure it is real henna.

What are some results you had while using henna on your hair.

I'm not against it I'm just afraid to use it.

PS I'm not the owner of this site (, I just shared it on my blog.


  1. Henna is AMAZING! Thanks to henna i have a healthy strong head of thick hair. Love the stuff!!

    1. @ THE MANE TOPIC,I'm thinking about trying henna just to see the effect of it! Now you have inspired me even more :) Thanks for commenting and following my blog.