Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to repair Split Ends

One of the most common causes of hair breakage is stretching of the hair or traction (putting too much tension or force). Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Rubber bands,tight hair clips, and braids, can actually break the cuticle, So can wrapping the hair too tightly around a roller. If the hair has breakage use try using hot oil treatments to strengthen the hair,deep conditioner (a good one so it will not dry the hair out) clip the ends at least once every 2 months. It do not take much.  It helps stop the hair from breaking. Try essentials oils they are the best. I like peppermint it gets the blood to moving and stimulates the scalp and slows down breakage and increases hair growth. I try this method every single month. Proceed with caution,I use tea tree,eucalyptus and peppermint faithfully to grow my hair each month.

Other known ways to treat the ends!

Split ends start as a small crack in the cuticle that deepen into the cortex.
Spit Ends can be temporarily sealed by protein reconditioning. The Process must be repeated to keep splits ends closed. It's also advisable to cut off the split ends and reinforce the hair with a protein conditioner to prevent the freshly cut ends from splitting.

Tip: When shampooing your hair grab a big comb or wet brush and lightly comb through your hair,any hair shed that needs to come out,it will.

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