Friday, October 23, 2015

My New Found Love

I absolutely love Piping Rock. If you don't know much about Piping Rock it is a website that sells high quality vitamins and supplements. About a year ago I purchased some hair vitamins called "Mega Hair Essentials" from a close-out they had. I am so glad I was able to get my hands on a bottle. The bottle contained 120 coated tablets and ingredients such as  Horsetail extract,zinc,cooper,biotin, inositol,vitamin a,c and much more. These vitamins were perfect for me as I had been taking some of these as a standalone supplement such as inositol and choline bitartrate. With that said I have been so happy with these supplements. Out of 120 supplements I have about twenty left. Although they don't have the exact ones I purchased on a crazy close out deal they do have lots of high quality supplements for your hair skin and nails. Everything does not have to cost a fortune and these supplements really work. They also smell a little as well, but hey I feel like I am taking the best supplement in the world. The ingredients not only target my hair but this is like a daily vitamin that I can take just about every single day for my general well being and health. And that's why I am  raving and so happy about it and thought I should definitely make a post about it on my beauty care blog. All piping rock prices are Affordable. I love you Piping Rock! Keep offering great deals and these great items!

My picture of my hair growth taking the hair,skin and nail vitamins from piping rock. On top of the vitamins I also stretch my relaxers as well as do deep conditioning, small trimming every couple of months,hot oil treatments and roller sets! Sorry it's blurry.

Now it's your turn to give Piping Rock a try! Trust and believe me you will not be disappointed when you see the prices and the items they offer!

For Hair!

Hair Care

Ultra Hair, Skin & Nails only $7.99 since the Mega Hair Essentials is gone! But these contain the same ingredients and a lot more.

Hair,Skin and Nails

Hair Oils

Castor Oil

Cleansing and Detoxing

Essential Oils

Fish Oils

DHT Blocker for Men & Women  Contains 60 Supplements

Who doesn't love essential oils for your hair. 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Australian only $6.99

For Skin

Vitamin C serum 12 % Vitaman C Serum for your skin! Oh my Gosh I been wanting to try the Vitamin C for a while,it's definitely on my wish list,and the reviews seem to be pretty good on this as well.   It's for $6.99 This is a great deal.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum it reduces wrinkles and fine lines,,the price only $5.99

Retinol Cream (Ultra Potent Vitamin A Cream) 400,000 IU per Jar IU

Visit the entire Hair,Skin and Nail Section ,Essential Oils and more at

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